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Frank P. Luongo

Exposure and Backlighting

At sunset, when shooting a backlit scene - AND you want detail in the highlights and the sky - where do you meter from? If you meter from the darker areas, won't you blow out the highlights? I uploaded a photo as an example.

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11/18/2004 2:21:56 PM

Bob Cammarata
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  Meter for the background, and let the shadows in the foreground fall where they may (even if they silhouette). This will be the lesser of two evils.
A deep blue sky with the sun at your back can be your best friend. The reflected light values of the bridge and of the distant sky, will be close enough to render both with detail and color. (You should still meter the sky, though.)
If the sun is in front of you, or if the sky is LIGHT blue - and you meter the bridge - your sky will wash out completely.

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11/18/2004 2:56:13 PM

Frank P. Luongo   Thanks, Bob.

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11/19/2004 2:11:09 PM

Victor J.    Since no one of us is with you at the time and since the situation or lighting changes by the second why not bracket? And record what you are doing so you'll hopefully remember for the next time you are in a similar situation. Vic

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11/28/2004 10:42:50 AM

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