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Alex Cabrall

Canon rebel T2 vs. Elan 7

I know that the lens is THE most important part of a camera. I already have the a very good lens setup, but would like some input as to people's preferences on functions. I've noticed a new rebel T2 (E-TTL2 flash) costs almost the same as a VERY lightly used Elan 7(rear command dial, sturdier). Seeing as my 50mm f/1.4 lens won't even talk to the E-TTL2, and the 100-300 isn't all that great for indoor work anyways, I'm leaning toward the Elan 7, off B+H's used section. Does anybody have any opinions? (feel free to say anything, however biased.) Thanks!

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11/6/2004 3:56:17 PM

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  I chose the Elan 7NE over the Rebel T2 for my backup camera because of the features and the past experience with the T1. Besides the Elan 7 (or the later 7N/7NE models) has a more sturdy body construction, the extra features over the T2 include:

1. Choice of One Shot and AI Servo AF on the 7N instead of automatic switch on the T2.
2. Rear dial for easy focus point selection and manual exposure setting.
3. 13 custom functions.
4. Automatic exposure bracketing.
5. Mirror lockup.
6. 4 frames per second over 3 in T2.
7. Selectable center-weighted metering while in T2 it is only available in manual exposure mode.
8. Flash exposure compensation.
9. Larger view finder 92% vs. 90%.
10. Brighter pentaprism viewfinder over T2's pentamirror viewfinder.

If you are serious about taking photos, most of the above extra features are important (at least for me). Also I have recommended the T1 to my friend when she was looking for a new camera. We went on a trip and after only three rolls of film, the T1's shutter blades got all curled up. When she brought it back to the dealer after the trip, the dealer gave them back the money right away. The dealer said that this was very common with the T1. The quality of that camera was just so bad. Hope this helps.

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11/7/2004 10:04:14 AM

Alex Cabrall   Thank you so much, Andy! That's exactly the kind of response I was hoping for. I will probably cut back on some accessories and get a new 7n, rather than a used 7, to get an Elan body AND E-TTL2. I had been lead to belive mirror-lockup was only available in high end cameras: Thanks for the info on it being in the Elans. Also, the brighter pentaprism should help, considering my cruddy eyesight. Again, thank you so much for all that info!

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11/7/2004 11:02:56 AM

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