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Philip Raggett


I am looking for a tripod in the region of 150, preferrably Manfrotto, and was wondering if you could recommend a tripod and head suitable for outdoor nature photography using a manual focus SLR.
Any comments will be appreciated.



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Erik S. Nielsen   I would strongly recommend a ball type head. They are very fast and easy to use, and do not limit you in any way.

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  Hi Philip,
Tripod: Manfrotto #3901B excellent, strong & versitle. W/removeable center column for horizontal extension.

Head: Bogen #3030 W/quick release (small format)
Bogen: #410 W/QR (larger format)Quick & finite adjustments.

I do a lot of outdoor shooting W/ above combo that works very well. I suggest using Quick Releases on all gear, much faster & secure.

For panorama: Kaidan Bracket W/QR mount is very fast to setup on the Bogen 410.
A good tripod is a must for panorama shooting, the Manfrotto #3410B is superb.

Good Luck, Richard Snyder

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