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Andy Lundberg

Releases for event photography

I have done a search and cant find this question addressed. I have been asked to shoot a local cheerleader competition. In the past they have not gotten releases for video's. they want to do the video and have me take the shots. I told them they should get a release from the teams/parents and they are willing to do this. Is there a sample form somewhere I can provide them. What do I need to protect me? Is something telling the participants that they will be photographed if they participate enough or must the parents sign permission. these are high school and junior high kids. Thanks for the help.

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10/24/2004 6:39:13 PM

Liza M. Franco
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/26/2004
  Hi Andy, I think a release is a very good idea. Simply said, it is always good to cover your behind. It gives parents the knowledge and choice to have their child photographed. There are special model releases for minors. I found one online that I use. There are also books on the market that are filled with specific legal forms for photographers. I will be happy to share the form that I use. I made a few modifications to the one I found online to suit my specifications. You made need to do the same for you situation. I make no claims to how this stands up under the law as I am by no means a lawyer, I just take photos. You can contact me at

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11/4/2004 8:44:48 AM

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