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Mike West

Memory Cards

I am thinking of getting into digital photography with the Canon 10D. I found what looks like a very good price but really don't know what I am doing. I assume that when I buy the camera body all I will need is a flash card. I will use my EOS lenses.

There seems to be a huge difference in price for flash cards. One place told me that the $ 599 price for a 1gb card is because of the high speed. B&H has a 2gb card for $ 189: a significent difference.

The questions are: will an amature who has never used a digital camera know the difference? Is there a big difference? (If the camera will take three shote per second, will it do so with the San Disk Ultra II that B&H sells? Is someone trying to sell me a pig in a poke?


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10/20/2004 10:50:30 AM

Lori Carpenter
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/31/2004
  When I got my Digital Rebel, I splurged even more and bought the Promaster 1GB CF card for $299. I also lucked into a clearance bin at Walmart (they said they ordered wrong size of cards) and got Kodak 256k CF's for $35 each. My experience with the two are equal. I just prefer the 1GB so I don't have to change cards. I shoot all in RAW so if I'm using the 256's they can go pretty quick. I'm interested in hearing what others have to say about their cards.

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10/20/2004 4:47:02 PM

Mike Carpenter
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/9/2004
  I got my 1 GB at Fry's for $129. It's a lexar 80X. I have a Digital Rebel also and on fine JPEG it holds about 325 pics.

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10/20/2004 5:18:09 PM

Mike West   Thanks for the feedback.


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10/21/2004 9:13:27 AM

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