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Suzy Allman

Storing Digital Photography


I've saved my nickels and dimes and just bought a Nikon D1 (I shoot for the local paper). While digital has made the process of getting pictures to the paper easier, I'm worried about hanging on to them for the long haul.

I've heard there are web-based photo albums out there, but I'm a little wary of putting all my stuff out there, in an intangible place. I'd love to keep everything at home, on disks or something.

How do you store, long-term, the bulk of your images? Thanks, -Suzy

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Gerry Parrott   Hi Suzy,

I am sure that you will get this same answer from several people but here goes any way. The only economical way to store images at home is on CD. You obviously have a computer so now you need to invest in a CD Burner. I use an HP but there are several out there.

Burning CD's used to be only for the very rich. As little as five or six years ago CD Writers prices out in four figures. Now you can buy one for under $200US and the blank CD's you can get for less than a dollar a piece. Each CD holds about 650 Mega Bytes - thats a lot of photos.

I have used just about everything over the years - Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, Zip Disk, Tape, etc - now everything goes on to CD.

All the best in your photographic journalism exploits.


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Vivian    I've been accumulating a lot of digital photos myself. I'm going to get a zip backup system. Each zip disk holds 100MB. I use this system at work and think it would also work well for home use. Good luck!

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Jaymes R. Stuart   A word of caution about Zip. Zip drives are prone to "the click of death"... the drive malfunctions and eats the disk.

Iomega got into a big stink about this and replaced a lot of 250MB drives to avoid a very big lawsuit. While the 100MB drives may not be susceptible to the COD, the mechanics of the drives are the same.

I would avoid them and invest in a CD-RW, which, per MB stored, is massively cheaper, and impervious to disk-munching.


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12/11/2001 2:47:49 AM

Vivian    Even better. Thanks for the info, Jaymes!

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12/11/2001 11:53:55 AM

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