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color issues from pentax shots

a friend and I were taking similar shots the other day, me with my pentax zx-30, him with his nikon d70. He printed up some 8x10's for me, which were crisp and beautiful in detail and color. I had my film developed, but the similar shots did not have the same color as his prints - and his were truer. I was using kodak and fuji film. My greens were more yellow, blue's were browner than in his shots. We were trying to figure out why. He suggested white balance - any other suggestions? Also, I scanned my negs in and blew them up, and the print was blurry. Scanning in the prints also gave blurry shots, but not as blurry as from the negs. Now I'm trying to figure out why the camera would beep saying it's in focus but return blurry shots. (sigh. I have digital envy.) Your thoughts would be most welcome!

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10/5/2004 5:35:57 AM

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