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Marina Brisco

Selling Photographs

I recently made pictures at a wedding out of state and would like to give people an opportunity to purchase them on-line. How is your work protected? I don't have a website yet and wondered who or what company would be the best to go to have that created for me. I just started my photography business and think it would be a great help. Printing proofs can be very costly. Thank you.

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Ken Pang   Your work is protected by Copyright laws, though this would be very hard to enforce, if you did not know your copyright had been violated. It would be better if you mark some part of your photograph with "(C) My Name "

Also, scan only to a resolution that the people can see the quality of the photograph - not good enough for them to print their own copies. This will stop people simply just taking them off the web and printing them.

As for companies? Couldn't tell you. Someone big like Telstra Professional Services charge an arm and a leg. Maybe you could put out a tender in your local newspaper. Plenty of "kids" in high school could do a very professional looking job at a reasonable price, and would appreciate the extra money.

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Marina Brisco   Thank you Kenneth for your response. I really do appreciate it. I will see if I can get a college student or someone similar (that won't cost an arm and a leg) to help me out with the site.

Thanks again.

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Donald    A great way to sell your photos especially if they are digital is to upload them to For an 8x10 it's only $3 bucks to you. You can charge your customer anything you want at that price and you can have your photos in just a few days. They print on high quality Eastman Kodak glossy paper. They offer 4x6, 5x7 & 8x10 glossy prints. Just upload from your computer and you are ready!
I have been very pleased and my clients can't tell they are digital. I use a Sony FD-95 Digital Camera if that helps.

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1/8/2001 8:47:20 PM

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