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Charlene Bayerle
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/9/2003


I have a Canon Rebel Digital camera and would like to get a monopod. There are so many to choose from, so Im asking for some help on choosing the correct one.
Any help very appreciated.
Charlene Bayerle

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10/4/2004 5:01:27 PM

Julie Randolph   I also have a Digial Rebel but do not have a monopod. But Photographers Edge magazine carries them. You might want to order their catalog.

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10/12/2004 10:23:23 AM

Bob Cammarata
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/17/2003
As a fisherman, I discovered wading staffs (or walking sticks), that double as monopods.
The way they work is,...they function as a normal walking stick (or wading staff) which attaches to your belt loop with some type of clip. The round wooden ball at the top of the stick unscrews to reveal a standard 1/4" tripod screw, onto which you can attach your camera or any light-weight ball head with the same thread.
The better ones will telescope from @ 36" to 54" or so.
These are great if you spend a lot of time in the field and do a lot of strenuous hiking to remote photographic locales. The staff offers stability and support during your trek. When a great photographic moment arises, you unscrew the top, attach your camera (or ball head) and you're ready to go.

This link will show you one, but there are many styles and price ranges from which to choose if you do a Google Search on "walking stick monopod".

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10/12/2004 2:41:35 PM

John P. Sandstedt
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  I've used a Slik EZ Pod for many years. It's available for about $50 at mail order shops like Adorama []. While your looking, check out Adorama's Podmatic [page 3 of the Monopod Listings.] It's their version of the highly respected Linhoff Monopod, available for about $90.

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10/13/2004 9:44:56 AM

Charlene Bayerle
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/9/2003
  Thank you for all the information....I really appreciate the help!!

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10/14/2004 10:40:47 AM

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