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Lesley A. Prentice

Setting Up a Dark Room

Does anyone know the approximate cost of setting up a dark room? From an enlarger to tongs and pans. Thanks

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Donald Thomas   Hi Lesley,

I recently converted an old cupboard into a small, but adequate, darkroom. The enlarger and easel is a friend's but he only paid 35 (US$60) for it, second hand, from a photography shop. The trays cost about 10 (US$20) and the tongs another 5 (US$10). For the red light my dad gave me a red bulb from a fake fire which is bright but with a lamp shade over it is fine. Other little things are a clock with a loud tick(!) to time stuff, the chemicals, paper and a makeshift clothes line in the kitchen to dry the prints!

To make the cupboard light tight, I put thick insulation tape down the edge of door and a simple bolt lock inside to keep the door from opening and letting the light in. I also try and do the developing at night and ask my wife not to put too many lights on!

All up I would say it'd cost about US$150 max, so don't get persuaded into buying expensive and unnecessary things.
Happy developing! alex

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