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Heshan C. Jayakody

Should I buy a filter lenses

I am an amateur student photographer. I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-P73 camera, and I would like to know whether its worthwhile buying a lens filter such as a PL or ND filter made by Sony. At my stage, buying anything is difficult unless its absolutely essential. I just want to know the difference a les like this would make, thank you!

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9/28/2004 5:04:54 AM

Vincent Montalbano   Being that you are shooting digtial, there are such great image editing S/W available, you might want to save your money on buying a filter(s)and use the money to buy one of these S/W programs. Things corrected or changed with a filter can most times be duplicated in programs like Photoshop Elements. However, a skylight /UV filter is always good as it protects your lens. Also, a little petroleum jelly rubbed onto the sky light filter makes for some very nice soft focus effects...but, never do this directly on your camera's lens...hope this helps

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10/16/2004 2:22:47 PM

Heshan C. Jayakody   Thanks Vincent, you're the only responder to this yet. One more question. I saw a Before and After comparision to show the usefulness of a PL lens when shooting through glass. It apparently reduces the unwanted tint and reflection. Can this also be done after the picture is taken on a program? Thanks!

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10/18/2004 5:05:28 AM

Heshan C. Jayakody   Forgot this one. Does an Neutral Density Filter act as a UV filter? Or does that depend on the particular lens?

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10/18/2004 5:13:17 AM

Vincent Montalbano   Heshan, Based on your description I assume a PL filter is a polarizer, and yes, polarizers will help with reflections off shiny glass or metallic surfaces. They also do wonderful things to enrich colors.(true with film cameras where you want the controls at time of shot, but far less important with digital where many of your controls for color and white balance are built into the camera and where you have a greater amount of control to manipulate the photo ultimately on your computer) So, unless you are shooting a lot of shiny surfaces, or through glass, don't waste your money on a polarizer. However, if you are planning on doing that kind of photography, then a polarizer would be a good investment. From my own personal experience, problems with reflections can be difficult to remove after the fact. Neutral desnsity and UV filters address two different issues, and one is not meant to do the job of the other. Again, with digital all I think you'd want is a UV or skylight filter mainly to protect your camera's lens.

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10/18/2004 7:21:59 AM

Heshan C. Jayakody   Thanks again Vince, and yes, I meant polarizer by saying PL. Well, I don't shoot too much on shiny surfaces or through glass. One of my friends bought one polarizer saying its an extremely useful thing but as you say here, he uses a film camera. Any suggestions for a UV filter for a 30mm cybershot lens? Coz I might as well ask from someone who knows what he talks about. I checked up the sony lenses and the only UV filter they have is one that comes with the polarizer lens and that costs US$50. Any recommendations?

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10/18/2004 11:09:03 PM

Vincent Montalbano   Heshan, see B&H Photo link below (cut and paste if neccesary) $8.95 for a UV filter, for me! BTW, where are you located? B&H is a large photo supply house in NY


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10/19/2004 3:18:18 PM

Heshan C. Jayakody   Thanks again for your trouble, Vince. Unfortunately, I'm not in the US, I'm far away in sri lanka, guess you dont know where it is. I take it you're from new york, then? I think a UV filter will be a great buy at the price. Thanks again.
If you want to mail me, or give any more tips lol, if you want. By the way, do you use film or digital cameras?

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10/19/2004 10:22:17 PM

Vincent Montalbano   Heshan...SriLanka, off the coast of India, and no B&H Photo near However, they will ship to your country, but it'll cost you nearly $30 US for a sub $10.00 filter! Maybe you can find some photo / camera supply store closer to where you live. 30mm looks like a fairly common size. As far as what equipment I use...I started with a fully manual Minolta 35mm many, many years ago...also built my own darkroom at that time (mostly B&W) It was a great way to learn the basics of photography. My wife is a professional photographer...she shoots with a pair of 35mm Canons- ELAN IIE, and ELAN 7E, both film. She does children's photography mostly outdoors and available light. She hasn't gone digital yet mainly because the affordable digitals still have a pretty serious problem with shutter lag...not good when you're shooting fast moving kids. When the prices come down, we'll probably take a hard look at the new Canon SLR digital D20. 65 milisecond shutter lag on that should be acceptable for her work. I shoot for the fun of it, and use a digital Canon G2. It's a fixed lens, 4 megapixel, 3x optical zoom..all in all I'm happy with it. I particularly love the swivel LCD screen, and the re-chargeable battery life is absolutely great. Heshan, happy to be able to help.

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10/20/2004 4:29:21 PM

Heshan C. Jayakody   Thanks for the info again, guess I can find a good store nearby. So I guess you're canon G2 is a fully automatic cam? I also shoot for the fun of it, its really satisfying to capture a really good shot. By the way, do you have a member gallery? I would like to buy I dont have a credit card lol. Anyway, I'll write to you again sometmie, thanks!

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10/20/2004 10:41:52 PM

Heshan C. Jayakody   Also, if you have time, check out my picture in the contest. Its simply called Beautiful Flower and it might be in the recent entries. If not, its under Nature and Landscape. Give any comment, lol!

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10/20/2004 11:06:13 PM

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