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Frank P. Luongo

Burning Images onto CD

For burning images to CD for temporary storage--and subsequently having these images printed by a photo shop--
What resolution should I store the images?

I know 72px/inch is the web standard; how about for photo prints, most of which will be enlarged?


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9/16/2004 4:04:48 PM

Vince Broesch   What you want to do is simply save the image. What you don't want to do is re-sample. So if you image is, say 1500px x 2200px then just save it at that resolution. DPI (dots per inch) or PPI (pixels per inch), does not really come into play untell an output decision is made. At that point there may be some re-sampleing, but you don't want to introduce any now, because it does reduce quality.

I hope this makes sence.


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9/17/2004 7:33:07 PM

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