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Carol Shagovac

taking pictures far away

i want to go further then 300mm I have a 1.4 x conver and a 2x converter I used the 2x converter with a tripod on my minolta maxxum 50 af but my pictures are blurry but what is easier to use a macro lense a mirror lens or a telephoto lens? my 300mm takes great pictures but I am taking pictures of hawks and deer which I cant get to to close but I dont know if a mirror lense or a telephoto lens will be easier with a tripod. I dont know the difference between them I know I lose light but I dont know the diffence in them. I also dont know why my pictures are blurry with the tripod I think I might be not locking it at the angle I need. would a telephoto be easier to focus?

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9/8/2004 10:17:23 AM

Carol Shagovac   i would like to have af with a 50-500mm but I cant afford it I also wanted to ask about I think its a phoenix 100-500mm do you know if its af at 500mm? what other lense isnt to expensive that I can go atleast 500mm I would like more but I dont know how they will work and I wasted alot of money on things I cant use.

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9/8/2004 10:30:46 AM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  haven't heard from you in a while.
the phoenix 100-500 is manual focus.
truly wild deer, not the ones in national parks that are a little bit used to people, are hard to get pictures of. sometimes you have to go where they are and wait for a long time for them to come near you. and try to get a picture before they see you.
Pictures may be blurrry from the subject moving instead of you moving. Or it could be the tripod wobbling if the lens is too heavy for it.
I think you ought to practice your technique of getting closer before you buy another lens. Try taking some apples out and leave them on the ground. Then go hide. But be prepared to wait over an hour or two.

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9/8/2004 1:20:47 PM

Carol Shagovac   Thank you very much. I do fine with the 300mm by hand holding with 800 speed film but I want to get closer pictures like sometimes the big bucks head I know where they hang and when they come out but its hard to get close enough. Thank You again so much for your help im doing alot better then I use to I have gotten some good hawk pictures also.

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9/10/2004 3:04:52 PM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  Any close up photos of deer that are truly wild and not used to being around humans are most likely taken with a 400-600mm. And it takes a long time to get a good one. And even then, many times a blind was used, or maybe it was taken from a jeep because animals will allow vehicles to get much closer than a human on foot.
You may have to track them like a hunter, wear clothes that blend in with trees and stuff.

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9/11/2004 3:40:13 PM

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