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Lee Kemp

Shooting Glass and Metal Architecture

Hi all, I am researching a project that requires lots of shots of my home town. There is a lot of modern architecture consisting of mainly glass and metal structures. I would be grateful for any advice that can be given for taking shots in this environment. I want to be slightly abstract, lots of contrast but keep the geometry intact and still be recognizable as my home town. Not too specific!! Please, any advice would be wonderful. Many thanks.

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9/7/2004 3:34:16 PM

Tom Kwan   A C-PL filter (circular polarizer) is a must to reduce the reflection from glass and increase the contrast.

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9/7/2004 5:05:45 PM

Jon Close
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  Or use the reflections of the older buildings in the glass of the new for dramatic juxtaposition.

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9/7/2004 6:46:39 PM

Lee Kemp   Many thanks for your help, guys. I had a very successful days shooting.

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9/11/2004 3:41:47 AM

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