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Gail S. Haile

scanning antique negatives

My brother-in-law is a HUGE history/geneology nut. He recently discovered someone who has all the negatives from over 50 years of a studio working in his home town in the early to mid 20th century.. There is a wealth of images of not only people but historical events and places. He wants to scan all these negatives and catalog them, and have them available for making prints. Most of the negatives are 5 inches X 7 inches There were also scads of negatives the size approx 8 X 10; there were hundreds of 12 X 20 negatives and there were about 35-40 negatives of the long type (10x40? those long panoramic ones popular early in the century). Obviously, the average neg. scanner cannot handle this.

Do you have any suggestions about how to accomplish this? Any ideas about a good scanner that will handle those sizes? Any suggestions of someone who does this?

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8/21/2004 5:38:45 PM

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