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Kevin  W. Seay

Photos turning brown??

I had some photos developed a few years back through a 1hr photo shop and the photo's soon started turning a brown color, as if they were wet. Anyone ever seen this? Could the 1hr photo machine caused this or could it even been the photo paper???


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8/20/2004 11:51:47 AM

Pamela K
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/21/2004
  This can happen if the photos are stored in something that leaches acid (e.g. cardboard). Make sure all of your photos are protected in acid free environments.

Do you still have the negatives?


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8/20/2004 11:54:03 AM

Kevin  W. Seay   I have the negatives and the shop has agreed to reprint them. This is not a case of leaching. The brown started showing up within weeks of developement. The prints are only 2 years old.

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8/20/2004 12:34:22 PM

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