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Tom Darke

How to transfer from camera to computer

I have got the Sony Handycam. I want to transfer all video recording from camera to computer so that I can Edit it and develop the finsihed product. How do I go about it, and do I need other software. Where do I plug into the computer. :-(

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8/16/2004 12:26:20 PM

Steven Chaitoff
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/22/2004
  Tom, it really depends on what type of Handycam you have. Most people have Sony's Digital8 camcorder or recently the MiniDV which means you connect the camera to the computer with Firewire. Sony calls Firewire iLink and the tech name for it is IEEE 1394. So if you see any of those names, Firewire's what you're looking for.

So you need a Firewire cable that Sony should supply you and also a Firewire port on your computer. Most new computers have one, but if not you need a Firewire card to be installed which is a hassle. Also, you need software to do the transfer. Sony gives you this too so look through the CD's you got with your camera and install that software. I'm betting they also give you simple editing software, so you don't need additional software. But if you feel the need, there is plently out there like Pinnacle, Adobe Premiere, etc. Also, if you have Windows I think it comes with Windows Movie Maker if it comes down to that. Apple's equivilent is iMovie.

To finish the movie you do need a CD/DVD burner and additional CD or DVD burning software that Sony does not provide. If you don't have that, you can always edit the movie, save it, and put it back on the camera through Firewire the other way, and then hook the camera up to a VCR with RCA cables and record onto a VHS tape...tons of possibilities.

Hope that helps.

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8/16/2004 2:13:55 PM

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