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Robert Carlson

Sony DSCV1 LCD Screen Broken

It appears the LCD screen on my 2 month old DSCV1 is broken. When I turn it on, the lense still moves out, but the screen is frozen with some strange things on it. Cannot get it to change any way, not even with reset. Cannot take pictures. Best Buy said it would cost as much to fix it as to buy a new camera--$400-$600. Evidently my 5 yr old dropped it off the table!

So, any advice? Can I sell it for parts or something? Is there a market for such things? This is very disappointing, but what can you do?

Thanks very much.


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8/7/2004 8:11:14 PM

Dave Cross   Hi Robert.

Bad luck, but these things happen to us all :-(

Does your house contents insurance cover it for accidental damage??

Before you ditch it have a word with your local Sony service centre (look on the web for addresses) you may find that they can fix it for less than a new one.

At the end of the day, sell it on eBay, you will be amazed what people will buy in the hope that they will be able to fix it (even dead hard drives will sell). Describe it as you have in your original post, someone will bite.


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8/9/2004 5:02:52 AM

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