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Gary n. Beaumont

Downloading File From Camera

At the moment I am downloading from my Fuji MX 2700 digital camera into the computer which seems to take ages. The computer is up to date and more than capable. I was wondering, is there a faster way to download? I've heard of card readers - would this help, and if so, any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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Jim Miotke
BetterPhoto Member
Owner,, Inc.
  Yes - I imagine that the images are being transferred by hooking up the cables from the Fuji to the computer. This is usually the slowest way.

If you have a laptop, I would recommend getting a PCMCIA adapter for your Smartmedia memory card.

IF you do not have a laptop, you can get an external PC card reader for your desktop computer. You permanently connect this up and, whenever you need to transfer images, you simply pop the card out of the digital camera and stick it into the reader. You would still need the PCMCIA adapter but these are inexpensive.

I don't highly recommend the floppy disc adapters; my experience with these have been slow.

Whenever you are looking into buying any of these alternative transfer methods, remember that serial (the usual way most cameras hook up) is the slowest. Anything you get will be faster. USB is about 10 times faster. Then comes SCSI. It goes something like this, from slowest to fastest:

Apple Desktop Bus (ADB)
Serial Port
Geoport Port
Apple FireWire
Ultra SCSI-3

Hope this helps!

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