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Peggy Wolff
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/26/2003

Memory Cards

Help! I am clueless and need some expert advise. I am planning on purchasing the Canon 10D in the next few weeks. What do I need as far as memory? I went and looked at a site that sells all sorts of discounted memory but they all have different letters behind them that I don't know what they mean. Does a high speed make a big difference? Can they ruin easily? I don't know if it is better to buy a 1 gb or buy several smaller ones. I need enough memory to get me through a full wedding. Also, what is the difference between pro and regular? Do they have different quality? Thank you for all advise,
clueless film lover who needs to make the switch, AKA Peggy

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7/26/2004 4:32:18 PM

Dave Cross   Hi Peggy.

You should find something of use here:-

As Rob states the 10D likes fast CF cards, have a look at his advice.

To your other questions:-

CF cards (as opposed to Microdrives) are physically almost indestructable under normal conditions, you can drop them without fear (as long as you don't stand on them as well :-).

Format the card in the camera every time you empty it.

For data security get several smaller (512MB) cards, all technology can fail and you don't want all your eggs in one basket.

Get as much memory as you can afford without compromising the speed to keep the cost down, it's always best to have too much (I shot nearly 3GB on a 3 day trip to Paris, that is a LOT of pictures).

As you are doing a one time event (wedding) I suggest you shoot using the RAW mode because it allows you to fix many more problems 'after the fact' as opposed to the jpeg modes. Useful little things like white balance (particularly importand if the bride is in white).

As with all these things these are my opinions, 'your mileage may vary'.

Let us know how you got on.


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7/27/2004 4:32:46 AM

Peggy Wolff
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/26/2003
  Thank you Dave, I appreciate your help! Is one GB the same as 1000 MB? My next wedding isn't until Sept so hopefully I will figure things out by then. No matter what though I will shoot both film and digital just to make sure. For the next wedding, they will be coming to my studio for formal shots of just the bride and groom then off to the church for both outside and inside shots. I need to learn white balance for all of these special needs.

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7/27/2004 7:41:40 AM

Dave Cross   1GB is actually 1024MB just to confuse everybody :-)

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7/27/2004 8:10:40 AM

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