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Amy L. Sipple

Property Release

On a trip, I took photos of a lighthouse. They turned out much better than I expected they would, and I would like to sell them. The lighthouse is not privately owned, say by an individual, but is owned by a historical society. Would I need a property release for these lighthouse photos?

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7/25/2004 9:01:19 AM

Wing Wong
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/8/2004
  Hi Amy,

First question: Is the lighthouse easily recognizable?

If it isn't, then you're probably okay. If not, then read on. :)

As far as the law is concerned, there is no difference between a person, an organization, or an entity(corporation) when it comes to ownership. It's owned, it's private property. If you plan on using the pictures for commercial use(selling it would count), then you will need a property release.

As the old saying goes, it's better to be safe than sorry, go ask the society what their policy is. If they are okay with people selling images of the lighthouse, get them to sight a property release and get selling. If they decide not to allow it, then you can only use the image for editorial purposes. If they have requirements, then that is something for you to discuss with them.

But when in doubt, ask.

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7/25/2004 9:21:00 PM

Kim Acheson   If the historical society is a city or state group (goverment basicly) then it is public domain.

I would still ask though. If for some reason it is not needed they will be happy to tell you, but if it is needed then better to be safe.

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7/26/2004 11:35:04 PM

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