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Shauna Bishop

step by step instructios on how to burn and dodge

I've read alot of info/theory on what dodging and burning is, but so far nothing tells me step by step exactly how to do either. Does anyone have a good site to recomend?

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7/21/2004 7:14:17 PM

Dave Hockman   These techniques are not that difficult. Are you appling these techniques in a traditional wet darkroom or digital darkroom,like PS?

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7/23/2004 12:12:53 AM

Shauna Bishop   Home darkroom. I've increasing and/or decreasing exposure time using cardboard mounted on wire, but some books mention increasing/decreasing stops. Any difference or is this just another way of stating how much less/more light is received on the paper?

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7/29/2004 8:12:10 PM

Gregory LaGrange
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  It's a way of stating how much light. Dosen't have to be the aperture on the enlarger lens, it can be with the timer. Like an extra 5 seconds of burn on a 5 second exposure is a 1 stop increase overall on the area.
If you can tell from one area to another that it needs a certain f/stop amount, then you know more than most. I've always just estimated what needed burning or dodging by looking at it. After a while you just get to know how much based on the original exposure time.
Your way is the way just about everybody does it. Or with your hand like I did it. Just move it around so you don't get defined edges.

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7/29/2004 11:29:20 PM

Shauna Bishop   Thank you, thank you. That makes sense.

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8/2/2004 3:05:59 PM

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