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John Foutch

Digital Files

I hope you don't mind me asking you a few questions regarding file formats and getting digital pictures printed.

I have a digital SLR, and shoot my pictures at the highest resolution and in JPEG. Thanks for any help in advance. ..... John


In order to save the pictures from the memory card, should I save them to the computer and immediately save them to CD, or DVD in the JPEG format, or should they all be changed to something else (TIFF?) and then burned to the disc?

In order to make corrections, should I change the file from JPEG to TIFF and then make the corrections? Do I then save the picture as a JPEG, or TIFF after any corrections are made?

Since I will be taking these pictures on disk to Wal-Mart (usually) to get them printed, is it best to give them JPEG or TIFF files on the disk?

Do I need to resize the pictures to the size I want printed before saving them to the disk? What if I want 4 x 6 this time, but 5 x 7 next? Do I have to go back to the original files, make a copy and resize again? Is there a preferred PPI setting before saving the pictures on the disk (not knowing if I will print them at home or at Wal-Mart)?

What is the best file type to use for printing on my inkjet printer? Does the size of the final printed picture depend on which file type is used?

Can you recommend a good print shop that I can send my digital files to for printing (someone that will take the time to adjust each picture and not run all pictures through at one machine setting)?

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7/20/2004 5:11:58 PM

Vince Broesch   You won't help yourself much to convert a JPG to a TIFF. The data was already lost when the camera compressed and saved as JPG. Converting the image now, that it's already a JPG, to TIFF, would only help with the "lossy on each edit/save" routine. I would say that you should save as TIFF, write the TIFF's to CD, then compress and do what-ever with JPG.


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7/20/2004 6:01:53 PM

John Foutch   Thanks Vince,

This is pretty confusing to me. Hopefully, I can get straightened out and the whole process becomes pretty routine.... John

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7/21/2004 7:11:00 PM

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