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Jay B. Hardy


I have a canon t50 with a 50mm lense.A friend of mine gave me an olympus m-2 that was broken.With the camera he had 3 lenses.The canon has a large bayonet mount and the Olmpus has a smaller bayonet mount.I was wondering if there is an adapter and or a converter to be able to use the Olympus lenses with the canon body?Please give me help I would hate to have to give up three good lenses.

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7/14/2004 1:16:07 PM

Jon Close
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  I've not seen one, but is seems like it would be possible. Lens mounting flange to film distance for Olympus OM lenses is 46mm, but just 42.1 for Canon FD. If the adaptor provided 3.9mm extension, the OM lens could be used and retain infinity focus without needing any optical correction elements in the adaptor. There may have never been enough demand for such an adaptor to make it commercially viable.

DIY - Perhaps you could combine the OM mounting flange from the broken OM-2 with the FD mount from a non-working FD lens, or canabalize a simple FD extension tube.

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7/14/2004 5:15:44 PM

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