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Brian D. Clendenon

Digital Image downloading in Great Britain

Are there ample Cyber Cafes or Photo Shops from Northern Scotland to London where one can download his digital camera images to CD? If so, is their format the same as ours in the USA or will I have problems downloading the images to my computer when I get home?
Is their jpg the same as our jpg?

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7/5/2004 7:30:51 PM

Dave Cross   Hi Brian.

'jpg' is a global standard, yours (US) is the same as ours (UK).

There are plenty of places to get your photos onto CD, most photoshops can do it these days. Northern Scotland may be a minor inconvenience, some areas are very remote so make sure you have plenty of camera memory available to keep you going until you find a shop.

We DO have different electricity (240 Volt, 50 Hertz), please make sure your charger etc. can handle it, a large bang and copious tears will result otherwise.

Also we use a different TV standard (PAL) if you want to plug your camera into a TV to view the images. You will need a 'Scart' or 'Peritel' adaptor plug to connect the RCA that comes with the camera to most UK TV sets.

Enjoy the UK, and watch out for the very dangerous wild Haggis that inhabit parts of the Scottish Highlands, they can have a very painful bite often requiring hospital treatment.


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7/6/2004 3:49:31 AM

Dave Cross   Brian.
There is useful information about wild Haggis here:-


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7/6/2004 4:19:39 AM

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