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Carl Smith

Blurry Photos with Canon AE-1

I just bought an AE-1 and just had my first roll of film developed. The pictures are sharp at the center focus point but get blurry around the edges all around the center to the outer edge. I am using Kodak B&W 400 speed film. I set the film speed on the camera to 400 and set the shutter speed to 500 as the book suggested for bright sunlight. My lenses are: Kalimar 28mm and Osawa 300mm. I also have a Promaster Spectrum 7 2X teleconverter. I used all of these lenses on the roll of film, and all of the photos have the blur. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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7/1/2004 10:02:42 PM

Dwight Dolby
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/29/2004
Carl, it's common for telephoto shots to be blurry around the edges as the depth of field with such lenses is very shallow. That all your shots are blurry around the edges and sharp in the middle is peculiar. If there are no special filters on your lenses, unless you hear from someone with more knowledge, I would shoot another roll of film (a different kind) and see if you get the same results. I'll see what other kind of advice you get here. I'm uploading an example of my blurred out telephoto shots.

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7/1/2004 10:29:42 PM

Bob Cammarata
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/17/2003
  The problem may be with your lenses. Off-brands generally have poor optics and can cause blur around the edges and other deficiencies.

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7/2/2004 12:27:30 AM

Thanos Papadopoulos   Bob is right, buy better lenses if you go for Off-Brands (they r much cheaper) buy vivitar or sigma but the best solution is to buy canon lenses. U can find very cheap lenses from ebay.

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7/6/2004 4:26:59 AM

Michael McCullough   Stick with Canon FD lenses there are plenty of them around for dirt cheap on the used market stay away from lenses unless you buy Vivitar series 1,or Kiron!!!!just my humble opinion!!!!

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7/6/2004 10:47:10 AM

Scott Pedersen   OH, check and see what f stop its at. large apatures will do that. Also a teleconverter will really make the edges blurry. I have never taken a decent photo with a teleconverter.
As far as aftermarket lenses. They are just fine, a lot of people use them. However really cheap aftermarkets will have poor optics. Stick with like Tamron or something similar to that. I assume you had these lenses with a previous camera? If they were sharp before they should be now too

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7/8/2004 4:59:10 AM

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