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Steve Franco

Using external strobes with Sony Mavica CD500

I just bought a pair of Yake 120 A/c strobe lights that trigger off of PC cord, Infrared and Flash. Using them off flash seems my only choice right now (not sure how to do it any other way).

The problem is that when I take a picture, the camera doesn't seem to see the strobes at all...they fire, but the picture is either dark, or I see the lens ring (dark shadow) that I get when using just the on camera flash

Question is...what am I doing wrong or what can I do to fix this?

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6/22/2004 6:30:02 AM

Jon Close
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  The camera sets flash exposure before the shutter opens by firing a low-power preflash. This is setting off your slave strobes before the shutter opens. When the shutter opens a fraction of a second latter, only the built-in flash fires, as your strobes cannot cycle fast enough to fire again.

To use them you'll need to get a shielded hot-shoe to PC adaptor, like the Wein Safe Sync (to protect the camera from possible high trigger voltage from the strobes), and connect the remote stobes via PC cables.

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6/22/2004 8:26:44 AM

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