BetterPhoto Q&A: How Digital Camera Equipment Works

Have questions regarding Canon digital camera equipment and lens? Or maybe you have questions concerning basic slr digital camera equipment. This link has information regarding a plethora of camera equipment.

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  Recover Deleted Files
I have a Canon Powershot SD1000. I accidentally deleted the video of my son's first christmas concert last night. Is there any way to recover this file?...
December 18, 2008
  Color Correction on Outside Photos
I am having a problem with all of my images looking too blue after I take them on an outdoor setting. I am using a Canon 5D. I however do not know much about using a gray card and correcting before...
November 23, 2008
  Cleaning the Sensor
Hi Guys,To clean my D-200 and my D-70 sensors, I have been looking at the Delkin Sensor Scope, swabs, a blower and cleaning fluid. The whole lot comes in a kit, and you can buy them separately. Has...
October 14, 2008
  Spot On Pictures
I have noticed a spot on my pictures recently. It appears either as a black spot or a blurred spot. I have swapped lenses and it is still there. Any suggestions? Thanks!...
October 08, 2008
  Film-to-Digital: Lenses?
I am thinking of transferring from film SLR to a digital SLR. I have lots of lenses for the film body, but will they work with a digital body? Thanks!...
August 05, 2008
  Image Sharpness
I took 3 photos as a test. On 1st image, sharpness was set to +2; for 2nd, it was 0; and for 3rd, it was -2.The -2 pic was blurry and seemed out of focus, it was also the smallest in size. Thus, i...
July 16, 2008
  Why Does My Camera Write Slow?
I love my Canon Digital Rebel XTi ... however, when shooting fireworks, it writes extremely slow, causing me to lose some good shots. I have turned off the viewing, tried different file types (Raw...
July 08, 2008
  Blue or Purple Fringing
I purchased a new Sony 75-300mm lens less than four months ago, along with a new camera. For about the last month, the photos taken with the Sony lens have blue or purple fringing and seemed to ha...
August 08, 2008
  Damaged/Bent Pin
I was unable to load memory card into my Nikon D70, and discovered that one of the "pins" (in the memory card slot of camera) is bent, so much that loading a memory card is impossible. Help!!! Ca...
January 13, 2008
  Using Film Lenses on a Digital Back
I have heard people say that a lens designed for a film camera will not generate the same results when used with a digital camera. My question is whether or not that statement is true. Thanks!...
January 07, 2008
  Cleaning an SLR Mirror
Okay, I’ve learned to clean my digital sensor – thanks to the advice gained here – and even know how to remove "welded junk". However, how do I get "welded junk" off the mirror? Everything I...
October 29, 2007
  Color Temperature Settings
Does anyone regularly use the manual color temperature settings (i.e., those measured in degrees of Kelvin)? It seems to be more precise than the presets, especially for night photography....
July 10, 2007
  Portrait Photography Lighting
I'm wanting to buy a lighting kit for shooting portraits. I don't know the difference between continuous lighting and strobes. Which would be better to buy for portrait pictures and why?...
May 25, 2007
  Crop Factor Confusion
Help! When I look through My Nikon D50 viewfinder, will I see the exact image my sensor will capture or the non-cropped version? Yes, I know I can just take a photo and find this out, but I need so...
March 30, 2007
  How to Sharpen a Blurry Photo
Does anyone know if it is possible to sharpen a blurry photo in either PSE4 or CS2? Is there an action or tool that can do it in one step? If not, does anyone know where I can find a step-by-step t...
February 01, 2007
  Problems Shooting Red Flowers
Hi, I'm having trouble shooting flowers that are uniformly red. Right now, I'm trying to photograph cyclamens. All the detail is lost, no matter what I do. I have varied the exposure man...
January 03, 2007
  Digital SLR:'s Monitor Vs. Viewfinder
Good day,I have a Canon Rebel XT, and I just discovered that you cannot use the LCD monitor as a viewfinder for shooting. I was just curious why? I can think of a couple reasons why it would be v...
June 29, 2006
  Camera Settings: sRGB vs. Adobe RGB
My camera has 2 settings: sRGB or Adobe RGB. Which should I pick, and why? The camera came set to sRGB. Should I leave it there?...
March 02, 2006
  Digital Vs. Optical Zoom
What is the difference between digital and optical zoom?...
February 18, 2006
  White/Grey Cards For WB
I often see people referring to balancing their White Balance and taking a pic of a white card - where do you do this? At home? Under perfect conditions, and what are "perfect" conditions? Or do yo...
February 21, 2006