BetterPhoto Q&A: What's Wrong With My Photographic Technique?: Problems with Images

  Have questions regarding resizing photos for websites? How about taking pictures without shadows? Check this section out to find some answers.
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  Why are My Pictures Blue?
I don't have any model information about my Sony digital camera, but wanted to ask if anyone ...
11/16/2003 11:30:33 AM
  Lowering Contrast For Sunny Landscapes
I shot a wad of Kodax Max 400 and 200 film on a recent trip to sunny climes and was disappointed ...
11/16/2003 2:15:27 AM
  Shooting Interiors with Natural Light
My girlfriend, a designer, has asked me to shoot several bars and clubs for her folio. I have tri...
10/13/2003 8:27:44 PM
  How to Eliminate Shadows
I have taken a few photos with the camera vertical, as I have a dedicated flash unit. The shadows...
10/13/2003 5:25:23 AM
  Photoshop Images Appear Different Online?
Occasionally when I have done some extensive Photoshop work and posted the image to this website ...
10/6/2003 11:51:51 AM
  Troubles with Shooting a Concert
I have recently shot a concert using a Canon EOS 3000 N camera and a Kodak ultra film. The result...
9/27/2003 11:22:30 PM
  Shooting in Glacier Region
Hi,I am going for a vacation in New Zealand. I have a Canon EOS30 SLAR and planning to take Kodak...
9/19/2003 7:57:23 PM
  How do you get such bold and bright colors?
I have been looking at the gallery you have and when I look at some peoples photos the color on t...
7/3/2003 6:55:06 AM

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