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  Can I make installment payments for the tuition?
I am very interested in taking a course and the price is high. I was wondering if you allow a cus...
9/1/2004 8:27:01 AM
  Interested in the online course, but concern
Under the questions and answers category, someone had expressed how much time is put into some of...
8/31/2004 12:26:46 PM
  Aeriel Photography
Do you see a course in the near future for aeriel photography? My son-in-law flys a Cessna and h...
8/31/2004 6:00:54 AM
  Sepia photography
Hi Nancy:It's 35mm film. Last time I tried sepia, I used b&w film and had it processed as col...
8/19/2004 9:06:01 AM
  Did you know about Basic Film photography class?
Did you hear about the Basic Film Photography course over at yahoo for free? it cover...
8/15/2004 11:06:34 AM
  How do I change my email address on my profile?
I looked at my profile page ad did not see an option to change my email address.Thank you,Tonya ...
8/14/2004 8:11:38 AM
I took and enjoyed the very well done Adobe Photoshop on-line cost abut $20.00.Your cla...
7/20/2004 7:48:13 AM
  Lesson #1: A Wildlife Guide
The following five places are locations that Iíve been to and highly recommend. Each has its own ...
7/13/2004 11:30:40 AM
  Uploading photos already on BP to Vault
Hi,I was unable to upload my photos by their ID # (I have a Deluxe website) to the Vault. Seems ...
7/7/2004 4:52:55 PM
  beginners courses
I have taken an "Introduction to Photography course" at a local Jr. College this past winter / sp...
7/4/2004 10:27:43 AM

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