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  Wondering how best to take pictures of sunsets and clouds? How about how to get great sunrise photos? Check out this Q&A for answers.
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  Trees in Foreground are Black
I shot this photo in Missouri at a family reunion. There where several of us taking shots of the...
  Sunrise and Sunset: Predicting Colors
Hi Everyone,Is there any way to predict the days in which the sky would show beautiful colors at ...
5/11/2007 7:35:14 PM
  Shooting Portraits Against a Sunset Sky
Hi, all you experienced photographers, I have just started shooting weddings and will be doing my...
10/31/2006 12:31:57 PM
  Sunset and Sunrise
Hi. I have a few questions.1. To photograph a sunset/sunrise, I read that it is better to meter o...
6/16/2006 3:49:01 PM
  How to Photograph a Group at Sunset
My shoot will be of 8-10 people on a golf course about 1/2 hour before sunset. I want to make sur...
10/25/2005 6:23:23 PM
  Photographing Silhouettes
I just wanted some advice on taking sunsets and sunrises with digital cameras. Is it true you sho...
10/22/2005 1:11:25 PM
  Why Is This Picture So BAD???
OK. I know I'm just learning, but the other morning on my way to work I saw this beautiful su...
10/12/2005 5:19:46 AM
  How to Shoot Silhouettes Against a Sunset
I want to take a picture of a person all black in the foreground and a colored sunset in the back...
5/10/2005 11:45:46 AM
  How to Shoot Silhouettes Against a Sunset
How do I adjust the shutter speed to capture action and still get enough light to see images?...
12/15/2004 4:04:29 PM
  Shooting Sunsets
I have a Nikon N-80 with sb-80 flash. Can I take pictures of the sunset using auto, or will the p...
11/3/2004 6:08:39 AM
  Properly Exposing a Sunset
I think I have a fundamental understanding of photographing sunsets. I have a scene in mind, with...
9/1/2004 3:33:45 PM
  Sunset Drama: Bird in Flight
How do you photograph a flying bird against a sunset?...
4/25/2004 6:59:58 AM

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