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  Have questions regarding Canon digital camera equipment and lens? Or maybe you have questions concerning basic slr digital camera equipment. This link has information regarding a plethora of camera equipment.
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  Digital SLR:'s Monitor Vs. Viewfinder
Good day,I have a Canon Rebel XT, and I just discovered that you cannot use the LCD monitor as a ...
6/29/2006 9:37:19 AM
  White Balance: How to Use It
I am having a problem trying to understand white balance. I would like to start taking my Nikon...
5/4/2006 11:25:45 AM
  Camera Settings: sRGB vs. Adobe RGB
My camera has 2 settings: sRGB or Adobe RGB. Which should I pick, and why? The camera came set to...
3/2/2006 11:47:51 PM
  White/Grey Cards For WB
I often see people referring to balancing their White Balance and taking a pic of a white card - ...
2/21/2006 8:11:00 PM
  Digital Vs. Optical Zoom
What is the difference between digital and optical zoom?...
2/18/2006 8:41:39 PM
  My Photos Aren't Lined Up Right
I've noticed lately that some of my shots don't seem like they are lined up properly afte...
12/13/2005 9:36:00 AM
  Saving Images from Digital Camera
I have a new Rebel XT camera and I have some questions. I have shot film for nearly thirty years...
10/11/2005 8:12:01 PM
  Camera Mileage: How Many Shots?
Just got my Rebel XT 3 weeks ago, and I've already shot nearly 2000 pics! Of course, I've...
8/11/2005 6:32:12 PM
  Digital File Formats
When buying a digital camera, what should I look for as far as file formats are concerned? I am a...
7/15/2005 4:35:39 AM
  Focusing Through the LCD Screen
I just bought a Nikon D70 and I browsed through my manual, but I find nothing in there about focu...
6/30/2005 9:30:53 AM
  Nikon D70, Adobe RAW, and Sharpness
I have a Nikon D70 and have been taking exclusively RAW photos for several months now. When I imp...
5/22/2005 10:18:39 AM
  Setting Color Temperature
I just purchased the Canon 20D and love it. I was looking through the menu and instruction manua...
4/19/2005 6:58:32 PM
  CF Card: Reformat?
Hi,I just bought the new Canon D20. Shot a number of images on the CF card and transferred them t...
1/19/2005 7:40:50 AM
  Digital White Balance
In one of the photo magazines there was some information on the use of "warmcards" to obtain bett...
1/6/2005 4:53:44 AM
  Digital Camera: How Many Pictures?
My question is an in-general question. I am sure that a more costly camera will last longer than ...
12/5/2004 7:57:20 AM
  Kit Lenses for Digital Rebel
I've been told with other lenses, I have to take the focal length times 1.6 (I think) to dete...
8/2/2004 4:02:43 PM
  White Balance: What, Why, How
What can anyone tell me about white balance? I am considering buying a digital camera and don'...
5/22/2004 12:04:26 PM
  Can I View Images to be Photographed?
Hi friends. I have Nikon D70 SLR camera. I want to know: Can I see the image on the monitor of th...
5/18/2004 9:40:22 AM
  Digital Performance in Cold Weather
I have a question about digital SLR camera performance in sub zero winter conditions. Just how we...
4/10/2004 10:01:53 PM
  Digital Noise
I was reading about digital cameras in a discussion forum and I came across the term "noise". Th...
2/13/2004 4:49:21 AM
  Why are My Pictures Blue?
I don't have any model information about my Sony digital camera, but wanted to ask if anyone ...
11/16/2003 11:30:33 AM
  Digital Prints
Hi. I am sorry already, I know this will be a stupid question. I am very new to digital photogr...
8/28/2003 5:58:08 PM
  Eos 10D Cropping
Can anyone please explain the cropping on this camera. Also, when the camera crops the photo doe...
8/26/2003 3:18:51 PM
  Settings for Indoor and Nightime Digital Shooting
I am shooting rodeo events. They are mostly at night with bad outdoor arena lighting or indoors ...
6/10/2003 9:12:03 PM

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