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Marina Brisco

How Much To Charge?

I have recently been asked to do photographs for friends/events. I love doing it but am at a loss as to what to charge for each print. They look great and are very time consuming when people want additions and text created in the photos (especially children's sports events). Can you give me some advice and examples? Thank you.

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  I have recently been to a wedding as a guest where a friend was doing the photos for the happy couple she has charged 230 for the photos that she has taken for them about 7/8 spools and has told guests that it will cost them 4 per copy of any photos that they want which I think is very cheap and a guest I would be willing to pay 6/7 each. Hope this helps.

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Marina Brisco   Thank you for the information on the wedding you attended and the cost of the photos. It does help and I appreciate your input.


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Kate White   I charge a $20.00 sitting fee. From here they can pick 8 pictures from a roll of 24. Any pictures over that I charge $4.00 a picture. They can order more 4x6's for the same price. I double the price for 5x7 and 8x10's. If I am charged $5.00 for a 5x7 I charge $10.00
Good luck.

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