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Glamour Portrait Photography

What type of film should I use for glamour potrait photography? What is the best shutter speed and lens aperture should I set on my Canon EOS3000? And how do I set it? What does tv 125 and av5.6 mean? What type of lighting and the direction of this lighting should I use in a room for best potrait shots?

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Oscar R. Arias   I had the same questions when I began photography. I am not a profesional, but I think that It does not matter the shutter speed, or the lens aperture. It depends on what you need at that particular moment, on how creative you want to be. You have to read first about apertures, and shutter speeds, I would recomend you a brian petterson book, understanding exposure. Great book, tells you everything that you need to know for starting. I hope this helps.

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8/3/2005 8:49:54 PM

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