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Carrie Pichler

Size to print for show?

I have been asked to present my photos for an art show. I am shocked! I will be the featured artist along with a musician and a chef. My question is - how big do I print the pictures and should I spend extra funds to frame in expensive frames? The photos will be hung on a brick wall and I will have the option to sell. I was thinking I would have a few signature pieces in expensive frames (I have a local framer that makes frames for me) but then frame the rest in simple frames to make them affordable for buyers. I was also planning on bringing an Ipad with the rest of my online gallery for buyers to chose other photos not printed. The promoter suggested 8x10 prints to hang with a few bigger pieces but I hate cropping to get them to fit. I am so at a loss over this!

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10/17/2017 5:48:58 PM

Gregory LaGrange
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  If you've got time you can look at other ways of printing that don't involve frames. You can look at Bay Photo's to look at what kinds of surfaces and formats are available.
One day I want to try somebody's metal prints to see what that's like.
Haven't used BayPhoto,I'm just familiar with them and know they have a wide variety of ways to print.

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10/23/2017 3:41:24 PM

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