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darlene brady
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/28/2013

g a pic

  blue moon
blue moon
© darlene brady
Nikon D3200 Digita...
i ma trying to print off a 5x7 of the following photo and it always makes me crtop out the frame I set it in hwo can I get it printed with the frame and maybe a professional photo placxe coud do it im not sure helppppp

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9/26/2013 8:06:01 AM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  It's out of proportion for a 5x7. Crop it to a 5x7, then put the frame around it.
I think somebody hacked your keyboard.

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9/26/2013 9:29:22 AM

Richard Lynch
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/12/2005
  I did not check the proportions, and as Gregory suggested, if they are off that could be the problem. However, other things might be going wrong as well...

Depending on what software you are printing from (and whether you are on Mac or PC) you should have a button for preview. This might tell you exactly what is going wrong. If it is a 5x7 sheet that you are printing to, for example, and the image is 5x7 and you are printing 100%, you may be expecting the printer to print to the edge of the paper. It is likely that you have a printer that requires a border (i.e., it does not print exactly to the edge of the paper). You MIGHT have an option for "size to media" or some wording similar that will compensate, then you can print and trim off the excess. But in this instance, if using 5x7 paper, and the printer requires the "grip edge", you will end up with a slightly smaller print when trimmed.

Many printers may not print to the exact edge of the paper -- really, there is no place for the excess ink to go if they do, because they would actually have to print slightly over the edge to have full coverage, and it could be messy! There will be a work around for your situation, but it requires knowing more... like the size paper you are printing to, the printer type you are using (it will make a difference if it is a dedicated photo printer or something more standard), and perhaps the options you have selected. You also might want to use different printing products depending on your situation, such as paper that has a perforated bleed area (e.g., a 5x7 sheet plus a border that is perforated to tear off after printing). Certainly a service can do it for you, and they will use one of the same solutions I suggest here -- or perhaps a non-ink light process that prints digitally to photographic paper.

I hope that helps, but feel free to add some details, and we can work out a better solution.

Richard Lynch

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9/27/2013 4:11:25 AM

darlene brady
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/28/2013
  great stuff ty so much for the help I have it printed now it was the printer hehe I should of been able to fig that out lol but anyhoo u were a great help both of u ty
and no one hacked the keyboard lol cute tho to say that lol I have numb hands do to health issues so when I type I cant tell if the keys actually were hit or not lol and I was in ssuch a hurry I didn't proof read what I typed in orig ques lol . hehe have a good one

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9/27/2013 5:25:34 AM

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