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Soni Martin

How to correctly sign a fine art photograph?

How do I correctly sign a fine art photograph before it is matted and framed behind glass?
-Do I use a pencil or pen and sign on the matt?
-What information should I include and where (name, date, title?)
-Or do I sign on the photograph and with what tool (pen??)
- If it is an edition, where is that information, if it is not an edition?

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5/4/2002 4:20:08 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   I always sign the mat in pencil. The first couple of prints I made to hang in a gallery I signed with those gold pens and it looked very tacky. I sign my name and then the edition number. For example 1/15 (1st print of an edition of 15). On the back of the backing board I place a label with my name and address and anything else I may feel is pertinent.

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5/5/2002 2:24:30 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   BTW, my wife's name is Soni. I thought she was the only one! ;-)))

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5/5/2002 2:25:16 AM

Soni Martin   Jeff, thank you for the answer. As in a fine art print (like an etching, etc.), do you also include on the matt the date
and title? [By the way, other than your wife, I have heard the name used 3 other times. Two of the times they were in foreign countries. I wonder if we pronouce it the same, I pronouce Soni like Bonnie with an "S."]

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5/5/2002 8:23:40 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   I've seen prints signed with the date and sometimes the title. I usually put that info on the back. I like to keep the frame & mat as simple as possible so that nothing detracts from the print. Too much writing on the mat is distracting to me. But as I said I've seen others include such info on their mats.

That's exactly how my wife's name is pronouced. Although, a lot of people tend to pronounce it like the television set (Sony).

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5/5/2002 12:37:17 PM

Soni Martin   Thank you for the advice on signing the photograph in a proper manner. I think you are correct in limiting the information on the matt so it does not distract from the photograph. Since I just discovered this site yesterday, I appreciate you taking the time to assist so quickly!

Alas, people mispronouce my name more often times than not- Sony, Sonja, Sonya, and Sunny. [Thanks again for the help.]

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5/5/2002 1:47:48 PM

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