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Lynette Anderson

picture smoothing

  grainy pic
grainy pic
woman singing
© Lynette Anderson
How can I fix pictures that have a grainy look. I take the pics from about 4 to about 6 feet away and some of them seem to have a grainy look and they are not as clear. should I try printing them at 1200 dpi setting on my printer. usually I use premium photo setting

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1/17/2002 9:56:47 AM

Wayne Attridge   What did you shoot them with? And what did you print them with?

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10/21/2002 12:54:50 AM

Lynette Anderson   a panaonic palm cam digital

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10/21/2002 7:53:05 PM

Wayne Attridge   The resolution of your camera may not be high enough to give you a sharp crisp image when you are very close to or very far from your subject. A digital camera is something like making a picture from tiny mosaic tiles. The higher the megapixel number on your camera, the smaller the individual tiles. So if your camera is not a four or five megapixel model you may have this problem on a permanent basis. This is why we still shoot motion pictures on film. Film does not do this, as it's range is much higher because of the small size of the grains on the negative. Hope this helps. If you need further help, let me know.

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10/21/2002 9:35:56 PM

Kevin Gaywood   I find that some grainy pics can be smoothed out a bit by editing them in a paint program. I use Photo Impact, which has a tool called Noise - Despeckle. It doesn't always work as there are different types of grainyness. But it often improves them a bit.

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1/6/2003 6:38:46 AM

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