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Ben Hyman

Fuzzy Pictures on web Page

When I look at my pictures on my computer they are sharp and clear. After I transfer them to my Web Page for display they look fuzzy. I am reducing the the size to reduce the transfer time.

Thanks, Ben Hyman

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11/23/2001 1:44:06 AM

doug Nelson   Do the images still look sharp in your computer after you reduce the file size for placing them on the web? If so, the problem may be with your web hosting company.
Are you sure you aren't wrecking the images by:
doing too many edits to a JPEG image

over-compressing it

over-sharpening it, or not sharpening

using GIF format instead of JPEG

using scanner software or some other shortcut to do your JPEG compression

Most if not all imaging programs do a decent job of JPEG compression, if you don't set it to too low a quality level. Use an imaging software that lets you see the effects of your JPEG compression before you commit.

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11/23/2001 12:26:48 PM

doug Nelson   Over the weekend I thought of another possibility. Do you have AOL? If so, go to and read Steve's blurb on turning off AOL's infamous graphics compression.

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11/26/2001 8:53:13 AM

Roland Towey   Hi Doug.I tried your suggestion,going to,.But could not follow trail.Site say`s select preferences then WWW.There is no WWW on preferences page .If you succeded with these instructions could you guide me please. Regards

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11/26/2001 1:44:41 PM

doug Nelson   I don't have AOL, so I suppose what you're facing is a newer version of that browser than the the one used by Steve at at the time he wrote it. I won't give out that procedure any more, then. There HAS to be a way to turn off that image compression function in AOL's preferences. I will look around for you, and we might enlist Jim's help on this one.

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11/27/2001 7:19:58 AM

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