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dclemons clemons

Scanner - How Big with Quality?

What scanner will give me up to 11x14 quality prints from a 35mm slide? 13x19? If I can't get this out of this format, what scanner will give me the same answers using 6x7cm or 2.25 slides?

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8/2/2001 1:07:08 PM

doug Nelson   That's a pretty big image from 35mm. Considering the 300 ppi resolution newer photo quality printers require INPUT into the printer, you'll have to scan at 4000 ppi. The Nikon at $1,700 will do that.

I've seen really nice photo quality prints from 240 ppi input into Epson 870, 1270, 890, 1280, and 2000P printers. Using a 240 ppi input, your 4000 ppi scan will give you a bigger image.
I am interested in a flatbed that will give me good scans using a film adapter. This would be for 6 x 7, not 35-mm. Epsons are said to produce nice scans at 1200 and 1600 ppi. Since you'd be scanning a bigger negative to begin with, you should get the kind of print potential you're talking about this way. I just don't know how cheap I can go with the Epsons and still get acceptable scans. One Epson with a film adapter is under 400 bucks.

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8/14/2001 3:34:25 PM

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