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Photography Question 
Andrea Štefčíková

The beginning

I want to ask,if a human can learn how to take the artiffic photographs only by himself?Cause im living in fucking city ewhere isnt a photograph club where people could learn about taking pictures..except University on which is almost unable to attend cause of the money corruption.So i´d be pleasured if you could give me some advices how or where to find a right inspiration,or just how do I know the right way of taking pics.Thanks

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7/12/2001 9:20:56 AM

Maya    There are plenty of ways to find inspiration and learn photography at the same time. Go to the library and read up on various photo techniques, different artists, photo magazines, and various kinds of photography such as landscapes, portraits, still life... or go to local art galleries and take a look at the work. Ask yourself, what interests you? Look around... inspiration is all around you. Continue to surf the net for information on photography. I'm new to SLR and so far, some of the information I've gotten off the internet has been very helpful. The university near you may have a photo club, not courses, that you can join for a nominal fee. If you know people who photograph, ask lots of questions. You'd be surprised how many people enjoy photography as a hobby, and not as a living. Good luck.

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7/16/2001 3:47:05 PM

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