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Michael Jones

Keeping the sky blue

  White Sky
White Sky
Tree with no blue sky
© Michael Jones
We are shooting some of our buildings. In some of the pictures the sky turns white or has lots of glare. How do I correct this? Is there a filter I can use, or is it the shutter speed, etc...

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7/11/2001 3:45:28 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   In your example the sky is washed out because the building is in shadow and the sky, of course, is in full sun. You have exposed correctly for the building but the sky is overexposed. Graduated neutral density filters can help with this if the line between the sky and the building is relatively straight. In your example a GNDF would be difficult to use. You would be better off shooting the building when the light on it is similar to that in the sky. I would suggest waiting until the sun is setting or rising and use that light. If you find the sky still isn't blue enough you can use a polarizing filter to darken it.

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7/11/2001 4:44:19 PM

Robert Torrence  
  Sky Blue
Sky Blue
Cokin Blue/Yellow Filter
© Robert Torrence
Here is a trick I use Cokin Filters system has a filter that is call a blue/yellow polarizing. All you have to do is spin the filter to turn the sky blue, see through glass, also the yellow part is to make sunsets at will. Both are great for Real Estate Photography.

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7/17/2001 12:54:52 AM

Alix Nublado
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  Filter all you want, but it's important that the sky is blue, too.

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8/13/2006 9:11:49 PM

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