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up-grade or buying second hand equipment

(This is a great site!!!!
Over the past years (actually since it was launched)I have bought the following equipment whenever I thought I could use it: two Minolta X-700 bodies, Minolta 28-70 mm , Minolta 100-300 mm, Vivitar Series 1 100mm macro lens, polarizers, 81A, 81B, UV filters and flash unit.
The camera has now been discontinued and it is getting very difficult to buy more equipment. I am not a great photographer and this camera is all I really need.
I started doing sports photos (just for the family) and would like a motor drive. Also for macro photos I need a circular flash unit and other gadgets plus cables to mount the existing flash unit off camera for general photography.
My younger daughter has used the camera as well and is doing all right with it. Now here is my problem: Is it worth while to start buying second hand equipment for my old camera and hang on to it or should I start thinking of up-grading? If I want to replace what I have with new AF equipment it will cost a mint and if I slowly accumulate equipment the same may happen again that I may be stuck with a camera that will be discontinued if it is out of fashion or superseded by more advanced
equipment. I still like my old camera and have become attached to it. I know how it works, I really like that one still can push film if necessary and all equipment has been well looked after. If I decide to up-grade what camera/lenses would be about equivalent to what I have? If I buy second hand equipment, is there a simple way to find out whether everything is still in good working order or worthwhile having it repaired? Thank you for any replies!

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2/21/2001 7:49:48 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   Well, it sounds like you have a pretty good system and you're comfortable with it (which is half the battle). Unless you are having trouble manual focussing or something I would recommend keeping what you have. You can get too caught up in equipment. A good photographer can make great pictures with any camera. A bad photographer will still make crappy photos with an expensive camera.

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3/9/2001 12:51:07 AM

Will Turner   The X-700 is not noted for being problem-free. A motordrive is going to put a lot of stress on the plastic parts in its film advance and transport mechanism. And Minolta has discontinued parts support. If you are going to be using your cameras a lot now would be a good time to consider selling and upgrading. If you wait until repair is necessary, as I did, you could be out some money.

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8/5/2005 1:24:27 PM

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