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Image Size to Upload

I am thinking about Deluxe Web Site. I am not clear how to make 500 pixels x 750 pixels at 72 ppi. I have an excellent Nikon Coolscan V and can scan from 35mm slides and negatives the files up to 60meg in TIFF. But I am not clear how to make a 500kb file in JPEG with 550X750pixels output.
Please advise. Thanks.

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11/24/2004 7:35:25 PM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  Change the image size in Photoshop or a similar alternative. Click on image . under that there's image size. The following window shows pixel dimensions. Change the shortest side to 500 or less. Save it as a JPEG. A resized 60meg might be too big to try and upload as a TIFF.

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11/25/2004 3:34:17 AM

Carolina K. Smith
  Val, I save all my website/contest uploads as TIFF (better Quality). At 500 x 750, the upload size is an ~ 1 MB file.
Open your scanned large Tiff files in PS. Go to Image, then Image Size.
For starters, click (check mark) Constrain Proportions and Scale Styles, and Resample Image. For 'Resample Image', choose Bicubic Sharper. (A general rule of thumb is to use Bicubic Smoother when upsizing, and Bicubic Sharper when downsizing).

Now go to the Resolution box (keep it at pixels/inch) under 'Document Size'
and type in 72. When you do, you will see everything else change automatically (because you checked 'constrain proportions', and your 'width' and 'height' should be close to the 500 x 750 numbers. The actual numbers may vary some from picture to picture, depending on how you cropped it. Don't worry about it. (Sometimes after this, I may uncheck 'constrain proportions' and adjust the individual height and width a bit)
Now click OK, and you will see the smaller file show up.
Don't just 'Save As' the file, but when you go to File, then Save As, make sure you check the box 'As a Copy' under Save Options!!!!

If you don't check the 'As a Copy' option, your original file will be saved as a super low res 72 dpi permanently (if that happens, you can not regain that info, in your case you would have to rescan the photo or slide). I would choose to save as a tiff file, especially if this will be on your Web site (my two cents).
Now click the Save button.
You have now created a new 72dpi file.
At this point, I close the original file, and when the box comes up that asks if you want to save changes, CHOOSE NO!!! This way, the original file will close with no information lost, and you will now have the large file and the small (for uploading file). Hope that helps :)

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11/28/2004 7:22:45 AM

Carolina K. Smith
  I don't know if your scanned images will open up in PS as 8-bit or 16-bit files. If they are 16-bit files, you might want to go to Image, then Mode, and change them to 8-bit. This will shrink a 60 MB file to 30 MB and then when you choose 72 dpi and constrain proportions, the file size will be in the ballpark.

Actually, no matter how big the original file size is, if you get the width and height down to 500 x 750 pixels, it will always be ~ 1 MB file size., but the other way I described is just the workflow method I prefer.

My Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n files open (after converting from "raw") as ~ 76 MB file sizes. After I do any corrections or adjustments, I change them to 8-bit files (38 MB file sizes) and use the above stated workflow, and it works pretty well for me :)

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11/28/2004 7:32:54 AM

Robert Brosnan
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/17/2003
  I have an old Kodak software program from my 1st digital camera. (Picture Easy 3.1) It gives you the option to save photos as "large web page photos" and various other types, including BMP. These are perfect for computer viewing and e-mailing. It is a very easy program for beginners to learn to crop, save and print. You could probably find a copy cheap, or contact Kodak to find it.

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11/30/2004 7:30:42 AM

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