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Michele Burchell

Adding Touches of Color to a Black and White Photo

In the Weekly Workshop #41, there is a picture titled, Cousins, by Jill Garl.

It is a black and white photo that has a little color added to the hats and one of the girls jeans that she is wearing.
Can you please tell me what this is called and how it is done?

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Jim Miotke
BetterPhoto Member
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  At the bottom of the #8 issue of the Weekly Workshop (not to be confused with our weekly SnapShot newsletter), there is a quick lesson on how to do this process using a computer program called PhotoShop.

It is also possible to hand color or tint your black and white photos using special pencils (Marshall's and Prismacolor are two such pencil makers). If you choose to go this route, simply follow the directions that come with the box of pencils - it's relatively easy and fun.

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Jill Garl   Hi, this is Jill...thanks for asking about my photo. I wanted to tell you that this particular photo was done digitally because that was the workshop assignment. My usual way to do the tinting is by hand with Marshalls oils. I like doing it by hand much better, there is a lot more control. It's not hard and its a lot of fun.....give it a try. Thanks again.

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Barbara Felder   Hi Jill - can you e-mail me at I'm updating a Garl family tree and would really like to get your input and find out if you are related. Thank you. Barbara

my great great grandmother was a Garl

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8/24/2005 2:09:10 AM

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