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Jeff Hartman

Printing Problem

I am using Elements 2.0 and have a new HP 7960 printer. When I try to print a borderless 4x6, it keeps turning it into a 4x5.33. I can not get it to stay borderless. I set it up, hit preview, hit print and it turns out with white space on each end. Can somebody walk me through this so that I can do it right.

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9/17/2004 5:56:08 AM

Dave Cross   Hi Jeff. You don't say what camera you're using. But I suspect that your problem is that the image aspect ratio is 4:3, which gives a print 5.33" x 4". A 6" x 4" print has an aspect ratio of 3:2.
Most non-DSLR digitals have an image aspect ratio of 4:3 (same as TV). DSLRs usually have the "35m" aspect ratio of 3:2.
You won't fit your 4:3 image onto a 6x4 print without either white ends, cropping the top and bottom, or distorting the long edge to fit.
Hope this is some help.

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9/17/2004 6:35:36 AM

Lorraine Jones
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/10/2004
  Hi, Jeff. This happened to me the very first time I printed my digital photos. I took a CD to Wal-Mart and used one of their Kodak PictureMaker machines. All of my prints were cropped either at the top or at the bottom. I then got a little lecture from the lab there and was told the same thing that Dave mentioned above.

So now, I go into PS, open a new canvas (4x6, for example), then drag a copy of my photo into the new canvas. If your photo is smaller than the canvas, you can free transform your image to fit the canvas. I do this for any size that I want to print (because if you go 2x3, your image would be too large, so you have to free transform to decrease the image size). Now that I do this, I can get a borderless or no border print (I print at home on a Canon i960 printer).

Hope this helps.

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9/28/2004 4:36:05 PM

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