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Shooting Weddings with Another Photographer

When doing a wedding and you are not the only photographer there, (you represent the bride and the other represents the groom) how do you handle this? Do both photographers take pictures at the same time? Is that the professional thing to do? I have just started my business and this is the first time I will be doing a wedding with another photographer. Help!

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Nancy Gross   I think you should do whatever feels right at the moment. Maybe you should contact the photographer and discuss it. You might want to do the group shots together and the candids on your own.

Candids are often the best of any wedding; the problem is most photographers shoot only the traditional. Try something different and you will do great.

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Lisa Pahkala   I have done that twice now, shot at weddings with another photographer. I just did my own thing and ignored the other photographer. She did get in my way a bit, cause I think she was annoyed at another one being there. But I remembered my purpose was for the bride and the groom, and they were just overjoyed with the pictures I took - the pictures being the pictures for them and not the other photographer. BTW, I did digital and took over 350 pics.

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  I wouldn't do the wedding. If she wants you that bad, then she doesn't need anyone else. All of my contracts state that I would be the exclusive photographer. I see nothing but trouble coming from this situation. If she wants more photographs, then ask a friend to take some candids at the reception, or what I have found interesting to do is have a friend or someone in my studio take photos of people standing around waiting to be photographed during the formal church photos. Some of their expressions are priceless.

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Jim Miotke
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  Yes - ask for exclusivity, especially when doing the formal portraits. When two or more photographers are shooting portraits, people do not know which way to look when having their pictures taken. It gets confusing and frustrating. If you must shoot with another, make clear arrangements for when and where each photographer works, i.e. have one do the formal portraits while the other is responsible for the candids at the reception. If you have a friend shoot candids while you are doing the formal portraits, make sure they are very subtle (sly) so that people do not get distracted by their shooting and look in the wrong direction.

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William  G. Lucrisia Jr.   Hello Beverly,

I took a number of shots in B&W at a friend of mine's wedding last year.

Turns out that they were more impressed and deeply touched with my work, over the paid photographer.

Yes, I'm sure you must negotiate things carefully, yet if you enjoy what you do, make a statement by expressing what's in your heart as well. It's your heart that led you to making pictures I bet; then follow it.

The thing about an occasion like a wedding is that the bride and groom are doing this and doing that, when the day is done, give them what they didn't see as well.

Follow your heart. I think if you let it get too constrained, you won't get what it is that you see.

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Jaye    Communication, if possible is the key. I, shot a wedding with another photographer last year. We worked together, never cramped each other, and the shoot went fine. You presentation, style, and all out work ethic is essential also. Remember people are watching, and choosing. My photos were the top pick. I just, did what I had to do. Also, you gotta move a little faster too. I immediately, after the wedding, I got the photos developed. My clients had their examined their photos within (3) days. They were very pleased with my work. I have had several request for my services over the past few months. I have a wedding on 4-12-03, and one 9-20-03. I am excited, really I am. You also have to have a good imagination, as to what you want to do. And come up with one signature shot, that's all your own. Try it you will see. Good luck, and I hope my response helped. Keep shooting Jaye.

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3/23/2003 7:30:22 AM

Wayne Attridge   This sounds like a recipe for disaster. Why would each hire their own photographer? As Jim mentioned, the subjects won't know where to look if you shoot together. Their wedding day shouldn't be a photographer competition, but it may turn out so, unless you split the work. Senseless to pay two photographers to take the same shots. Someone has to be in charge of the formal shots. If the other photog poses the couple and you take some shots, what does that say for your creativity? Perhaps you would like something different. Beg out of the job, or, opt to take the candid shots, as William said. They are usually some of the best pix anyway. Good luck.

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3/23/2003 10:26:32 AM

Lars Nitteberg
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/27/2004
  Just wanted to share my xperience since I recently shot my first wedding. It was a 3 day Asian wedding, hence a lot of photos and guests. The candids are my favourite, and I am quite happy with those, but my problem was the group shots. At the location I found the best place to take them was in front of the stage because of light&background. The only problem (that I didn`t see comin) was that many of the guests starts lineing up around me, maybe 7 or 8, and all of them started shooting (no respect).The subjects didn`t know which way to look, and the result was that on many of the pics they look in all directions. I tried controling it, but since there where so many of them it was very hard. I also assumed that the subjects would look at me since they knew that I was the only official ph.grapher. So now I feel a bit uncertain since the result haven`t been delivered yet. Kinda sucks screwing up the groupshots on my first wedding. Luckily the pics of the closest family went well. Just thought I`d share...

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7/13/2005 2:07:11 AM

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