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Beginning Photography Tip #3:
Compose Your Picture with Care

Touch of the Past - Balanced Composition
Touch of the Past
Balanced Composition
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Even if you don't plan on selling your photo to the Smithsonian, make every effort to keep it balanced and beautiful. On one level or another, everyone responds better to a picture that has all elements in balance.

Strive to lead the eye along an interesting path through the photo, with the use of strong lines or patterns.

  • Keep the horizon level;
  • Crop out extra elements that you are not interested in (more on this is the next tip);
  • Consciously place your subject where you think it most belongs rather than just accepting it wherever it happens to land in the photo;
  • Play with perspective so that all lines show a pattern or lead the eye to your main subject;
  • Work with the Rule of Thirds.
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