Photo Contest Monthly Themes

BetterPhoto's photo contest is the most fun, most objective, and most inspiring photography contest on the Web.

Each month, we aim to motivate you to be your most creative, happy, and productive self.

New: We are now offering more variety for increased inspiration.

Each month, every single category will be a new twist on an old theme. Instead of just one "monthly theme", they will ALL be themed.

In general, most categories will have an overarching definition similar to what we've done in the past... nature/landscape, animals/wildlife, people, etc. The first category, for example, will still be based on NATURE and LANDSCAPES but I will be asking for a specific kind of nature/landscape photo such as "Mountains and Hills". Animals might be "Birds" and the People category might become, for the month of April, "Street Photography".

Elements of Design will be focus on specific subjects like "Abstracts", Lines, Patterns, Forms, Shapes, Colors, and Texture.

The "Digital Darkroom" category will be expanded to include in-camera techniques such as "long exposure" or "intentional blur". Often the entire category will be devoted to "Black and White".

Travel/Place might be "Small Towns" one month and a specific popular destination the next month.

The previous Flowers category will be expanded to include Still Life and Concepts... subjects such as "Bouquets", Historical Rooms, Writing/Books, Liberty, Joy, etc.

Details and Macro will continue to feature macro items as well as many other specific (small) subjects like "Flower Petals".

Man-made will have a new specific category each month such as "Architecture", Transportation, or Industry.

The previous Monthly Theme category will now sometimes be a "Catch-All" category, and at other times it may be devoted to "New Winners" only (people who haven't won 1st, 2nd or Grand yet), or be focused on a particular kind of camera such as a "Smartphone Camera".

Again, these new themed categories will inspire you to new creative heights, greater motivation to go out shooting, and much more joy.

If you haven't already, now might be your time to enter the contest and join the fun.

Jim Miotke
Founder, BetterPhoto Inc.
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