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S J June 19, 2005

I made a mistake...Camera should be Panasonic FZ10 #265511

Stanley J. Contrades June 19, 2005

Doesn't matter ... it's your technique and skill in shooting these unbelievable reflections and patterns that make the difference, Sanjay! Outstanding, as usual, and love those fabulous golden colors!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #1487546

Dominique Declerck June 19, 2005

Great abstract!!! Perfect, MaƮtre Photographe Sanjay!!! #1487549

Phil Sauvey June 19, 2005


The reflections are just awesome and I especially like the color. I have never seen a building like this! Wonderfully done as always. #1487554

Patty Razonable June 19, 2005

Fantastic abstract with the gold tones and the reflections is outstanding, Sanjay!! #1487559

Janet Williams June 19, 2005

Typical of your trademarks of gold and patterns but I think this is probably my very favourite one of yours to date. The curve of the building adds something extra as do the wonderful golden tones with the hint of blue. Great vertical composition too. Absolutely wonderful Sanjay. #1487561

Cathy Stancil June 19, 2005

This is golden SJ !! Love the tones of course , but also the fact that it looks like an entire city is reflecting here...Just a gorgeous abstract SJ !! #1487565

Karen Engelbreth June 19, 2005

BIG WOW, Sanjay - you have a super eye! #1487573

Donna Roberts June 19, 2005

Hi SJ - just a quick note to say bye bye to you and to my submits on BetterPhoto.
After seeing this fabulous image I have decided that I have no talent at all and am going to see what I can get for my camera on eBay.
:-) dddu #1487576

Mata Patan June 19, 2005

Could somebody find a poor Italian lady a word which is best to say WONDERFUL?????? #1487587

Leanne M.E. Boyd June 19, 2005

WOWwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggggg! #1487673

Paul E. Earl June 19, 2005

This is just really amazing!!!! What a beautiful capture. WELL DONE!!!! #1487675

Kerby Pfrangle level-classic June 19, 2005


You have a wonderful eye and this is stunning.

You are a true artist.

Kerby #1487682

Mary K. Robison June 19, 2005

Hey, Donna ~ hold my place in line at eBay, please!

Sanjay, this really is one of your all-time best images EVER!!! What will you possibly do to top it, I wonder?
Can't wait to see this again next month!! #1487697

Chris Macer June 19, 2005

Another incredible shot Sanjay! Best one yet I think! #1487744

Arya Bandyopadhyay June 19, 2005

OUTSTANDING!!!! This is terrific, Sanjay!! #1487754

Carolyn M. Fletcher level-deluxe June 19, 2005

I agree! One of your best! #1487756

June 19, 2005

WOW! This is excellent Sanjay! I absolutely love it!
We will see this again!


Jenny Bosmans June 19, 2005

GOLD medal for you Sanjay! This is really stunning!! I love it!!! #1487771

Cathy Gregor June 19, 2005

Absolutely stunning, Sanjay!
A winner for sure!

Wally Orlowsky June 19, 2005

A gorgeous golden classic, Sanjay. #1487852

Stephanie Lyons June 19, 2005

What a spectacular capture SJ! Very well done! #1487862

Janet L. Skinner June 19, 2005

Okay......this is the most spectacular reflection image I have ever seen!!!! Definately my personal favorite of yours Sanjay!!! AND definately a winner!!! #1487879

William C. Raco level-addict June 19, 2005

Fabulous reflection, color, detail and exposure
Perfectly done, Sanjay!


Michael Khoury June 19, 2005

Wow must realise how impressive this is...the clouds in the relection look like some phantom skyscrapers...superb! :-) #1487911

Donald K. Cherry level-classic June 19, 2005

Awesome shot, Sanjay!! #1487954

Linda D. Lester level-deluxe June 19, 2005

Awesome!!! #1488044

Bonnie C. Lackey June 19, 2005

LOL - and now Sanjay takes on "reflections"! Oh, you are good!!! #1488051

Joy Rector June 19, 2005

this is gorgeous. #1488116

Cindy Paquette June 19, 2005

My new alltime favorite golden image Sanjay! FANTASTIC AND GORGEOUS!! You definitely are THE MASTER!! :-) #1488168

Darla Cobus June 19, 2005

I am with everyone else, this is one of your best!!! I hope you have a wonderful father's day and enjoy your special day! #1488183

Paul Michko June 19, 2005

I'm standing and clapping, Sanjay. You never cease to amaze me. #1488194

Bobbie Davis June 19, 2005

Nope you never cease to amaze me too Sanjay!!!!!!! I'm with Donna and Mary....I'm also going to have to pull off of, Bestfoto, and shutterbugs....I just can't imagine being able to take an image as AWESOME as this!!!!! #1488261

Evy Johansen level-classic June 19, 2005

GOSH..... I'm speechless!!!! And yes - this is one of your best!!! Grand prize!!!! #1488280

Ermanno Radice June 19, 2005

Awesome!! Fabulous shot, SJ! #1488367

Olivia Navarro June 19, 2005

Sanjay, June's going to be a big month for you. Your entries have been unbelieveable each and every day. This is just incredible! #1488394

Donna W. Neal June 19, 2005

It's a Beauty SJ #1488404

Roger Bernabo June 19, 2005

SO well done #1488465

Laurence Saliba level-classic June 19, 2005

Sanjay everyday I look forward to seeing your images. They are so grand!!!
LS #1488489

Stan Kwasniowski June 19, 2005

Sanjay, WOW, this must be "OZ"

Stan K #1488499

Deborah C. Lewinson level-addict June 19, 2005

Wow, Sanjay, spectacular image!!!!
-Debby #1488526

Laura Clay-Ballard June 19, 2005

incredibly wow wow wow wow! #1488564

Elisabeth A. Gay June 19, 2005

Beautiful Sanjay, the reflections look like liquid gold!
Ann #1488656

KHAWLA Haddad June 19, 2005

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW Sanjay LOVE IT its so perfect !!!!!!!!1 #1488657

Lisa D. Greer June 19, 2005

Spectacular SJ! Amazing! :) #1488682

Danilo Piccioni level-classic June 19, 2005

Judging from your pics this camera is fantastic (off course the eye and brain behind is in control) but would you suggest it to someone?
super shot once again! #1488913

Shirley L. Carpenter June 19, 2005

They have said it all Already Sanjay!! Excellent!!!!!! #1489001

Melissa L. Zavadil June 19, 2005

This looks like a mathematical graph like a histogram to me!!! Way cool shot Sanjay! I love that gold! Very unique! #1489023

Jim Kinnunen level-deluxe June 19, 2005

I think that I'll have to get a thesarus to find new words to describe your images, Sanjay! Fantastic!!!!! #1489035

Kathleen K. Parker level-deluxe June 19, 2005

Oh my!! This is like Jim said...hard to describe well enough! What a spectacular shot!
kk #1489093

Souha Dooly June 19, 2005

waw... that is perfect Sanjay!!love all about it!! #1489227

Susan L. Vasquez June 19, 2005

I knew this was yours from the moment I saw the thumbnail, it is amazing as always...the color, the lines...just WOW! #1489384

Donna J. Taff June 19, 2005

Outstanding reflection, Sanjay!!! #1489431

Marsha S. Smith June 19, 2005

Mata - gorgeous, fantastic, stupendous, stunning, magnificent, extraordinary, beautiful - just a few words you could use for wonderful - and they all fit this shot of SJ's just perfect.
SJ - see the above!
;D #1489643

Cathy Barrows June 19, 2005

until today, I guess i've never noticed that your buildings don't usually have reflections...great addition #1489775

Debra Booth June 19, 2005

So gorgeous, Sanjay!! #1489780

Vicki Hunt June 19, 2005

Fabulous, wonderful! (my kind of photography!!!) Love it! #1489852

Stephen Zacker June 19, 2005

Oustanding eye and image on this one #1489944

Roxanne M. Bubar June 19, 2005

Once again, Beautiful image. #1490021

Claudia Kuhn level-classic June 19, 2005

Love the reflection you captured Sanjay! Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1490115

Terry R. Hatfield June 19, 2005

Superb In Every Way Sanjay!! #1490360

Susan T. Evans June 19, 2005

Awesome work Sanjay!!!! #1490491

Jill Flynn level-classic June 19, 2005

A trademark Sanjay classic! Love the gold tones. OUTSTANIDNG eye and image! #1490551

Nobu Nagase June 19, 2005

Golden in every way, SJ!!! #1490569

June 19, 2005

Beautiful shot, Sanjay. I have love the gold that you have been using and it works perfect on this Congradulations, Winner. #1490610

Wren Hendrick June 19, 2005

OK, that's it---I'll never do another reflection again!!! LOL--at least not to be posted within a mile of yours!! Just perfect, Sanjay. What an eye!!! #1490662

Kate Jackson level-classic June 20, 2005

I'm glad you didn't hear what I uttered when this image appeared in front of my eyes Sanjay! But my husband did and came over to have a look! We are both stunned! #1491044

Claudette Foote June 20, 2005

Fantastic abstract with the gold tones and the reflections is outstanding, Sanjay!! Sooooooooooo beautiful........................


Rob T. Henry June 20, 2005

Great image, Sanjay!! Love the reflections and the colors!!! #1493087

Darren K. Fisher level-classic June 20, 2005

You certianly have out done yourself on this one. Awesome in every way. #1493156

Diane Addonizio level-classic June 20, 2005

One of your best, Sanjay! #1494708

Noel Baebler June 20, 2005

Many dittos on all the comments! You must have some kind of highly developed super reflective vision! #1494718

Goshka G. June 21, 2005

This makes me reflect on your excellent architectural eye, SJ!;-) #1497013

Lori S. Aschbrenner June 22, 2005

This is so gorgeous, Sanjay! #1502920

Laura E. OConnor July 22, 2005

WOW! I can't believe I missed this before! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FINALIST! #1622596

Jill M. Flusemann July 22, 2005

Another great winner! Congrats yet another finalist! #1623190

Mary K. Robison July 22, 2005

Oh, Sanjay ----
A MIGHTY Congratulations! to you, Mr. Multi-Finalist, for this and so many other gems ("Rose Petals," "Camera Shy," "Kurves," Susan's rose, etc.)!!!
The very best of luck to you in the next round! #1623782

Jill Flynn level-classic July 22, 2005

You're on fire Sanjay! Congratulations again! #1623898

July 23, 2005

WOW! Absolutely beautiful Sanjay!
Congrats on this wonderful finalist! #1624082

Kate Jackson level-classic July 23, 2005

This is my favourite out of all your excellent finalists Sanjay! Well done and we are certain to see them in the next round! #1624261

July 23, 2005

Interesting play on city-scape. #1624268

Janet Williams July 23, 2005

Fantastic choice - this is my favourite - well done! #1624290

Alan L. Borror July 23, 2005

Anotrher great finalist, Sanjay! Congratulations. #1624377

Stephanie Lyons July 23, 2005

Another beautiful finalist SJ! Congrats! #1625167

Jim Kinnunen level-deluxe July 23, 2005

Congratulations on another finalist, Sanjay!:) #1625322

Noel Baebler July 23, 2005

Huzzah, SJ! #1625619

Cathy Barrows July 23, 2005

Congrats on your finalist...great work #1625685

Deb Holmes-Hatfield July 23, 2005

Bravo Sanjay...way to go! #1628166

Gunther Allen level-classic July 23, 2005

Sanjay this is a definite winner! Congrats!!!-G #1628641

Stanley J. Contrades July 23, 2005

Sanjay, CONGRATULATIONS on this golden Finalist and the very best of luck to you in the next stage!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #1629041

Tammy Scott July 23, 2005

Congratulations, SJ! #1629088

Chris Macer July 24, 2005

I still love this one, SJ! Congrats on the finalist! #1631215

Susan T. Evans July 24, 2005

Congrats again Sanjay! #1632048

Diane Addonizio level-classic July 24, 2005

Congratulations,SJ! #1632917

Laura Clay-Ballard July 24, 2005

LOL .. how many did you get? LOL
and yet another congratulations! well deserved! #1633277

Sharon Day level-classic July 24, 2005

Fantastic image, Sanjay!!! Big congratulations and good luck next round! #1633306

Donna Roberts July 24, 2005

Hey 'neighbour' - if this doesn't get through I *will* be selling my camera on eBay because if this can't win....what can??
I loved this image so much and I am thrilled to see it as a truly well deserved finalist.
Best of luck SJ.
:-) dddu #1633357

Shari Travison August 17, 2005

Awesome shot! I love the way you captured the interesing reflections and the beautiful golden tones. Perfection! #1727836

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